• 2017

    Bidright wins £4.2m DCMS contract and £1.2m DWP ESIF contract

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Writing and Winning Bids since 2011

Approved Provider

Bidright UK is now an Approved Provider on the £10m Big Lottery Big Potential Advanced Fund managed by The SIB Group. To find out more and see how Bidright UK could help visit: www.bigpotential.org.uk


Bidright UK was founded in 2011 to meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies, social enterprises and consortia who need extra support with bid-writing or consortium building. Since 2012  we have completed in the region of 442 bids with a success rate of 75-90%.


Our main area of expertise is the Skills and Employability Sector including funders such as the Education & Skills Funding Agency, DWP, Local Authority, European Social Fund and other similar bodies.


Our aim is to provide the highest standard of bid-writing possible, combined with excellent customer service and high win rates. We particularly excel at penetrating new markets for organisations with limited track record.


As well as our core bid-writing team we have access to a network of specialist and experienced associate bid-writers to ensure that we can always meet customer expectations, even at busy times.


Most of our senior bid-writers have also worked as bid managers in companies so they understand what it is like to be purchasing bid-writing services and how crucial it is for us to provide a professional service.

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