December 2016

Bidright UK wins £10 million in ESF funding for clients


Bidright UK has been approved as a Provider of Big Potential Advanced. This means that we can help organisations apply for grants of up to £100K to pay for bidding and tendering services as well as support to prepare for delivering and winning contracts of over £1 million.


Bidright wins £2.7m ESF Skills Support for Unemployed funding for a client in South London


Bidright delivers 15 Investment and Contract Readiness Support projects to social enterprises

April 2013

Major tender win: SFA Skills Support for the Workforce, London £2m


About us

Bidright UK is now an Approved Provider on the £10m Big Lottery Big Potential Advanced Fund managed by The SIB Group. To find out more and see how Bidright UK could help visit:

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Bidright UK was founded in 2011 to meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies, social enterprises and consortia who need extra support with bid-writing or consortium building. Since 2012  we have completed in the region of 442 bids with a success rate of 65.3 %. Our clients have rapidly grown across the industry from Leeds to Cornwall, small – national organisations. Our main area of expertise is the Skills and Employability Sector including funders such as the Skills Funding Agency, DWP, Local Authority, European Social Fund and other similar bodies.

Our aim is to provide the highest standard of bid-writing possible, combined with excellent customer service and high win rates. We particularly excel at penetrating new markets for organisations with limited track record.

As well as our core bid-writing team we have access to a network of specialist and experienced associate bid-writers to ensure that we can always meet customer expectations, even at busy times. For example we have writers specialising in compliance and quality assurance and others who specialise in project plans, costing and resources. A bid written by a team in this way won’t cost more and will benefit from having input from more than one person.

Most of our senior bid-writers have also worked as bid managers in companies so they understand what it is like to be purchasing bid-writing services and how crucial it is for us to provide a professional service.

Our clients are providers of high quality training and employability services who strive for excellence and who have socially responsible agendas. Our aim is primarily to help clients make a difference to people’s lives by helping the best providers win.

Our mission is to champion smaller providers and SMEs and by providing a corporate level service we aim to help them compete on a level playing field with much larger companies. Staff area

Sally-ann Baker, BA & MA (Hons) Cantab., MSc, PGCE

Director, Bidright UK Limited